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The Los Angeles Theatre
By: Rachel  

The Los Angeles Theatre, located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles historic district at 615 S Broadway, is available for rental to a range of events including film screenings, stage performances, and special events such as parties, weddings, and receptions.

The auditorium holds 2,000 audience members on the orchestra and balcony levels. The grand lobby, ballroom and restaurant can accommodate an additional 2,000 patrons. These spaces, as well as other smaller spaces, are also available for more intimate gatherings.

The auditorium is equipped for live stage performances and film screenings. The lobby and ballroom are ideal for gatherings, parties, receptions, and weddings. The Theatre can accommodate your event or performance in the opulence of 1930s Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Theatre has been used extensively for filming. It holds unique locations unparalleled in Southern California. In addition to the auditorium and lobby, the Los Angeles Theatre offers many other engaging locations, such as marble-lined restrooms and a glass-ceilinged ballroom.

The Los Angeles Theatre retains its original, majestic decor throughout including:

Six-floor lobby decorated with crystal and marble
Three-tiered fountain in a hall of mirrors
2,000-seat Baroque auditorium with three-level seating equipped for film presentation and live performances
Glass-ceiling ballroom paneled in walnut and resembling a ship's lounge
Marble-lined ladies room and adjoining mirrored cosmetic room
Wood-paneled Restaurant, private party room
Circus-motif nursery
Seating capacity: 2,050 (Orchestra: 1,465; Balcony/Mezzanine: 585)
Stage dimensions: 60' x 27'
Film projection capabilities: 35 mm projector
Dressing rooms: 4, on basement level
All Parking is separately owned. The 1750-space Pershing Square Parking Garage is available around the corner and several smaller lots are within a block of the theatre.
Contact Information

Please visit http://www.losangelestheatre.com

The Los Angeles Theatre

By: Rachel
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