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Top This: The Salad Pizza (à la Grey Block Pizza)
By: Kelly Bone   |  Email: kellyb@yahoo.com

Grey Block Pizza has managed to build a reputation on the Salad Pizza. When owner Thomas Schiffer noticed that his customers frequently ordered pizza and salad, he seized the opportunity to create a combos—no, not a combo, a combos—and smashed the two together. The choice between salad and pizza is a universal struggle as well as a popular motif in stock photography. But with the salad pizza, you get to have them both.

As we've seen before, the bagel crust is piled high with mounds of crisp lettuces, lightly wilted from the hot pizza. Feta and avocado add salty softness , rounding out the crunch of the vegetables and helping hold it all together. But the secret to melding a pizza with a salad lies in a simple binder: a light layer of sour cream. 

Am I losing you? Does your idea of a salad pizza looks more like this? Does this pizza sound too weird or possibly gross? Well it's not, it's delicious! For those of you still having trouble getting on board with salad pizza, Zack Brooks of Midtown Lunch put it best:

The idea of ruining a perfectly good slice of pizza by topping it with salad, completely disgusts me. But the idea of improving a perfectly horrible salad, by putting a delicious slice of pizza below it is completely genius!
Ingredients for doing-it-yourself.

Ingredients for doing-it-yourself:

1 portion of dough
Red onion
Sour cream
Mixed greens
Lemon and olive oil vinaigrette

Or, of course you can visit:

Grey Block Pizza
1811 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 
310-314-2777; greyblockpizza.com

Top This: The Salad Pizza (à la Grey Block Pizza)

By: Kelly Bone
Company Name: Serious Eats
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