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Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities
Most Popular and Famous Female Celebrities From the Land of Hollywood
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Celebrities From the Land of Hollywood
The actresses who are multi talented can be in the list of Top ten lists of Hollywood actresses according to me. Every thing should be considered like beauty, language, dance, speech  , sexy  body structure , beauty in bikini  and most priority acting while reaching the position in Top 10.

According to me I am posting some of my comments on the Hollywood actresses.

1. Megan Fox -The Sexiest Women of 2008
The great and fantastic actress Megan fox birthday was celebrated on the 16th of May in year 1986. So her age is around 24-25 year only. She was an actress from the America. While talking about her family, I can say she is from a very poor family. She has one older sister and mother and father in her family. Like most actress, she is also interested in drama and dance from school days only. She used to participate in drama from the very small age of 10 year. She had a regular training in drama up to teen age. In the year 2001, she had started her career. And today she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood with French beauty. While reaching this position, she had a great support of her parents.
Hollywood's Greatest Actresses

2.Hollywood Beauty Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is the actress from the America. The birthday of Angelina Jolie was celebrated on 4 the June every year and the birth year is 1975. She had started his career in the Hollywood from her childhood only. Her debut in Hollywood screen was with her father. Her father was one of best Hollywood actor. She was trained under his father. As a younger star, she started her career in the year 1995. Angelina jolie is one of the most beautiful lady according to me and jury both. She is probably linked in charity projects also.

3. Exclusively Hot Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston was born in the year 1969 at 11 February. She is the actress from the California U.S. she is from the America. Her age is now 41 years. She had a very generous film career in Hollywood land. She is the daughter of the actress itself. In 1990 she started her career in Hollywood. Many films had given the Jennifer the good title. In 1992 the first debut of the Jennifer Aniston. Now she is also the producer.

4. Sexy & Hot Hollywood Actress- Penelope Cruz
The Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz is the Oscar winning actress. She is actress from Spain. Penelope Cruz has a marvelous look and beauty. She can be listed in the list of beautiful lady in the world. World celebrates her birthday on 28 April. Her birth year is 1974. The upcoming movie of the Penelope Cruz is the sex and the city2 which will be released on 28th may. Many awards had been won by her. By acting in a small video clip she had become famous

5.Hot beauty Rihana
The birth day and the year of the Rihana is 20 February, 1988. Rihana is only 23 year old. Rihana is top most music rocking star that made enjoying the whole world. The album name music of the sun had given a success to her. The first debut of the rihana is on the year 2005. From childhood only she had joined training in the music class. In U.S she wants to start her career in the music so she went there. Even two awards are won by the Rihana.

6. Sexy Uma Thurman
The birthday of the Hollywood actress Uma Thurman is 29 April in the year 1970. She is from unorthodox family and born in Boston. She was also nominated for the Oscar and even won 12 awards. At a very age of 15 years, she started training for becoming actress. She started her career from becoming a fashion model. She is from the America. One of the famous movies of the Uma Thurman is Dangerous Liarasons.

7. Western Standards of Beauty- Cameron Diaz
At a small age of 16 year, Cameron Diaz started her career. Cameron Diaz is model and actress both. She is the actress who entered in Hollywood through his modeling. Even Cameron had been nominated many times. Many top and hit films are thrown by the Cameron Diaz. She is the American actress and took birth on 30 august, 1972. She has a demolish look with an attractive blue eye. She is giving movies at the age of 36 years even and the upcoming movies of her are shrek goes forth, the fox, In search of Ted demmne etc

8. Most Desirable Women - Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes, an attractive actress of Hollywood was born on March 5, 1974. She was an actress from America. She didn’t start acting from child hood but from her college days and in the beginning, she had a supported role in the movies and a guest appearance in the television. She is also one of the fantastic models. The eye color of Eva Mendes is brown and which led her nice beauty. After the year 2000, she also gets offers on the holly wood movies and actual career started over there.

9.  Hot & Sizzling - Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek birthday is celebrated on 2 September and the birth year is 1966. She is now aged actress but she is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood land. She is not only the actress but also she is the director of television and even films. The first Mexican actress is salma Hayek. She started her career from acting in Neighborhood Theater which led her to perform on television shows. The latest movies of the salma Hayek is after the sunset.

10. Sexy Babe - Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley was born on 26 March in the year 1985. From the childhood only, she is interested in acting and also she had first debut in childhood at a very small age of seven in the television in the year 1993. She is an English actress. She is considered as one of the talented actress. King Lear and The edge of Love are the upcoming movies of the keira Knightley. From the year 2005, she has been nominated various times for awards and also won 3 to 4 awards.

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities
Most Popular and Famous Female Celebrities From the Land of Hollywood

By: Hub Pages
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